Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's day 2011

On Mother's day this year, I woke up to the smell of waffles and syrup. Brig had gotten up early and made me breakfast! When I came out to the kitchen, there were pieces of paper with candy bars taped to them in lieu of words like Star (starburst) and Kit Kat (I don't remember how he tied that one in :) It was sweet and made my day so wonderful.

Now it's father's day and I have done none of those things for the future father of my children. This holiday snuck up on me and before I knew it, it was Saturday night and the thought of something for Brig for father's day had not even crossed my mind.

This is the story of our marriage. He is thoughtful, ever-present, and prepared. I am frazzled, behind, and scatter-brained. He makes me feel like a princess. I'm sure I make him feel like a frog.

Today, I want him and everyone to know just how much he means to me. He collects my scattered, frazzled self into a coherent mass of love for him. He is my world, and it is the best world I can think of living in. He makes my asthma flare up because he makes me laugh so hard. He kisses my cheeks until I fall asleep. He gives me huge handicaps when we play raquetball and is so proud of me when I reach 5 before he reaches 15. He loves me more than life, and I him. We make a winning team. We may not be the most stylish or the most level-headed team in the world (thanks to me) but we are a winning team. I win because of him. I cannot do it without him.

Brig, I love you baby! I mean that with all my heart. Your face always has and always will make me smile. You are mine. And I love it.


Your Em


Kelsey Ann Hicks said...

I'm positive that you are a wonderful wife despite the lack of waffles em :)

Debbie said...

You are the cutest thing em!!! You and brig are an amazing team!!!

onehm said...

Sweetest post, evah! :) SO glad you are part of our family!!

Emily Nicoll said...

This is Brig, thank you Emmy:) But can I tell everyone that EMily had to wake up early tot substitute for someone at the ward council, prepare a primary talk and get ready to play the piano for the a choir performance. And she did it all with a smile. I love my Emmy!

Jen said...

Love you both!

Sam and Nicole Shreeve said...

This is so SWEET, Emily! You guys are awesome together. Glad to see you are doing so great!

Alexis Kaye said...

Awh! this is the sweetest post! I love it :)