Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh don't worry, no pressure...

your kids will just be totally messed up if you don't do a million different things while they are in utero and infants!

You guys, I'm seriously stressing out about this. I am taking a Stress Management for Wellness class and it's killing me! For example, today:

Prof. Larry: The biggest thing that impacts the explanatory style of your child (whether your kid has a good attitude about life or a bad attitude which will most likely lead to depression and other psychological problems) is.... you guessed it, the explanatory style of the mother!!

Me: Ahhh!!!! I better shape up my little attitude..

And a few weeks ago:

Prof. Larry: if you are under chronic stress while pregnant, it could lead to that child having metabolic, psychological, and emotional problems for the rest of their life.

Me: I need to chill out.

Disclaimer: I am not pregnant!

But someday I hope to be and I am learning what a gigantic role the mother plays in the development and health of her child. I could totally mess up my kid's life! I just get overwhelmed thinking about all the things I need to pay attention to after I decide to become a mother and start growing a wee baby inside me.

I always knew diet and hydration were important but all this emotional stuff is going to be a challenge. I want to be the healthiest I have ever been physically, emotionally, and spiritually before I attempt to raise a child.

This is not to say that children with emotional or physical disabilities are not just as sweet and precious as healthy babies. They are (I know from personal family experience) but I don't want to live knowing that something selfish I did caused pain to my child.

Children are so special. More than anything in the world, I want to be a mom to beautiful babies! But it is going to take a lot of unselfishness and discipline on my part. I wish more women out there knew the enormous impact that their health, attitude, teachings, and professions of love have on their children. It is a special calling and I am so excited!!!!


The Milliron Family said...

Take a deep breath my friend : ) Your children will 1/2 of you and your Husband. But the other half will be whoever they are meant to be. Of course it's good to be as stress free as possible while pregnant. Stress is unhealthy weather you're preggo or not. But because you may stress a little while pregnant does not mean your child will hate the world : ) You're a sweeeet girl and your kids will be just as sweet !

Britney Jean said...

hahaha maybe this explains why my baby is so uptight?

just don't let it freak you out so much. i read a lot about how EVERYTHING effects your baby's future while you are prego. i gotta admit it freaked me out, too. but you gotta let it go. just do what you can and everything will be okay!

as long as you stay close to your Heavenly Father {and listen to the spirit}, He'll take care of you and your sweet baby (that i think you should have soon p.s.)!

DC Nicoll said...

I hope they are just like you!

Cami said...

Someday if we are both pregnant at the same same we shoulde take up meditation so we can chill out and focud on our "inner peace".... you have to watch the new kungfu panda two! It's all about inner peace :) It's a funny one!

Clint and Tiffany said...

It is so true, the Mommy TOTALLY sets the mood for the entire home. If I'm quiet, low key and use a nice voice - my girls are SO much better behaved. But, if I'm cranky, a little on the crusty side... it NEVER fails that THOSE are the days when they yell, fight and push me over the edge. But, if I make the effort to pretend to be calm, they calm right down. Works with Clint too. If I start to freak out, he zips past me and dive-bombs into grumpy mode. But if I laugh when the girls are turkeys, he keeps a light-hearted attitude and our family time is MUCH more enjoyable. It's hard, but nothing to stress over. It's just something that comes with practice, something that comes and goes, gets easier and harder, and little by little becomes a part of who you are. That's why most grandmas are saints! :O) The biggest thing to keep in mind is that children forgive and forget SO FAST that even if you have a bad day, week, etc., with a little love you're right back on track. Trust me, they know when they're loved and there's NO WAY you need to worry about your children feeling any sort of neglect. It's kinda funny, we stress over not stressing... ironic eh?

Love you girl!!