Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MDA Camp 2010!

OK! So, we (Brig, me, and Conrad) went to MDA Camp this year as volunteers!! Cade and Colby went as campers (Brig was Colby's counselor, Conrad was Cade's) It was a blast except for a little drama early in the week which I won't expand upon :) MDA Camp really is so neat because it is a place where kids with all kinds of muscular dystrophy can come together and feel normal and accepted- not like they are the odd one out. So we will definitely going back next year!

Here's Brig and me looking fine (this is about how we looked the entire time at camp.. no time in the morning for grooming! you're lucky if you get a shower in)

Yes, that is a man in a dress, don't ask me why.
This is Abby!! She is my favie at camp! Love you girl! We had our war paint on for wheelchair soccer!
Here are the boys minus Conrad in wheelchair soccer. Seriously people, greatest invention ever! They get a HUGE beach ball and go at it. Pure awesome. The kids love it and it builds their self confidence like no other!
HUGE ball! Go Cade!
I needed a picture with Conrad and this is what I get... hmmm
OK! This kid is hilarious! He came up to Brig and me one day and was like "hey guys, look what I can do" and then proceeds to stick his pinky totally up his nose- like I couldn't see any of his pinky anymore. We were like Woah! And kinda freaked out and then he pulls out his finger and smells it and says "It smells like raisins.." and then sucks his boogery finger clean. I almost threw up. And we were laughing hysterically! Oh man this kid.. let's just say we weren't giving any high fives to him after that
This was may date to the dance! Brig got jealous :) His name is Eli and he is 8. I think he was going for the Joker look in this picture (he had a little too much fruit punch and went to the bathroom and good 5 times during dinner) oh man he was so cute!
This little boy is Evan and he might be the sweetest kid I've ever met. Brig and I just fell in love with him at camp. And Brig put him up to asking me on a date for lunch (in the cafeteria with everyone else, so not really a date :) ) and he stuck with us ever since!
Dance Party yaya!
Rock out !he dance was awesome! We figured out some pretty creative ways to slow dance with a wheelchair.
If any of you want some inspiration or need a reminder of how good we have it, volunteer at MDA camp next summer. It is amazing and fun and so great! we loved it and will be going back for sure!


Joe and Becca said...

It looks like you had tons of fun! That would be a blast to go too! Thanks for posting about it! By the way this is Rebecca (Frost) Stewart...I wasn't sure if you knew my married name :0

Jen said...

Where did Brig get that shirt? !

Melissa K said...

SO fun!

Laraine Eddington said...

What a great experience. I love Brig's shirt that apparently is made of molten silver.