Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grand Canyon

We straight up hiked the Grand Canyon! We did rim to rim. I have done this before but never all in one day. Let me tell you, it's tough! But so worth it at the top!

Brig was the fabulous photographer the whole trip. Here is the canyon! It is so majestic and beautiful!

Here's the whole gang except Brig (who was taking the pic)
And there we are!!
I loved it so much! Hiking is one of my favorite things to do and it was a big accomplishment! 21 miles! In Oct., we're planning on doing rim to rim to rim- 45 miles- straight! Wahoo!


Kristalyn said...

Nice work! Did you cross that ridiculously large and somewhat intimidating bridge?

You guys are amazing!!!

Janina Jones said...

Wow. You two are amazing. In October if you need some good food before the big hike you two should stop by Flagstaff and come over for dinner (or some other meal). You won't regret it!!

Jen said...

That's so awesome. I totally want to do that some day.

The Jenkins said...

yay good job! you all look like happy hikers!!

Laraine Eddington said...

I'm tired just thinking about it. Way to go girl!

Melissa K said...

HEY! AWESOME job!! Can I invite myself to come along in Oct. for rim to rim to rim??!! I've always wanted to so that!