Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We've gone crazy

I have fallen in love with raquetball. It is the best! And it helps to have a hubby who is really super good at it, but is nice to me and doesn't hit it so hard it would break my face if it wasn't hidden in my arms. (I know you could, Brig!) Anyway, we have been going periodically for a couple months and as I improve gradually he just steps up his game a notch or two. Sometimes, he even lets me win, even though I know he could kick my trash. And when I start to get cocky he just serves it up at a million miles per hour to remind me just who owns the court here! Haha ooh how I love him :)

Second matter of business, we are obsessed with the world cup! Half the people we ask about it say "huh?" which is so crazy to me because it's flipping the whole entire world playing (unlike the "world series"..posers). Anyway, enough of my spiel, the world cup is bomb diggity. We wake up at 4:30 to watch Argentina. Now that is commitment. We even got a legit FIFA World Cup 2010 soccer ball and played in the house! Ha, I know I'm a bad housekeeper but oh well.

I look like scary spice. If you didn't know, the USA won this morning and we are moving on!! Oh my heart attack game though, awesome!


Cami said...

4:30! WOW that is dedication. Silly kids, but I love the pictures with the legit new soccer ball

Bethany M said...

No way! Kevin and I love racquetball too and were just talking about it this afternoon because he went and played last night.
We should play sometime! Really! That would be GREAT! We played with Benny Bob a couple times at Mtn. View. Fun, fun!
About soccer...Kevin is all over it. Except that he turned the tv off right before the US scored this morning and had to go back to the internet once he realized they score. Ha!

Don Nicoll said...

As an up-and-coming premier soccer coach I have been watching the games too so I can learn how to teach Jake and Landon to become the bestest soccer players ever!

Jen said...

Love that you guys bought a ball. & Yikes 4:30, yep you guys are just a little crazy :)

Clint and Tiffany said...

I FOUND YOU!! Yay for that! You guys are SO dang cute and I'm so glad we finally met Brigham. And I totally think you're insane for waking up that early when you don't have kids... oh how I wish waking up early was just an option, not a demand by my stinkery Hawaiian! :O) LOL Love you guys!