Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My first post!

This is my beautiful wife!! I love her!!!
This was the night we went ring shopping for the first time.
I can't believe I am actually posting on a blog. I feel Anyway I hope Emily doesn't beat me up for infringing upon the P.W.P.F.M.W. rule (posting without permission from my wife). (For some reason when you click on the above paragraph it shows another picture of Emily.) (Cool!)
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have the sweetest wife in the whole world and that she makes me so happy.
My new favorite thing to do with her is to ride our scooter together because she sits in back and kisses my cheek as I drive us around. It makes me feel a little more manly on the scooter.
She always makes me laugh and does such an incredible job and knowing what I need. Yesterday morning I rushed from work to school and only had a few minutes. Amid my running around to get ready for school she made me some yummy oatmeal. I didn't have time to eat it all but I did get a bite of it. I didn't really fill me up but it let me know that Emily loves me. I am grateful for my besty friendy.

Love you Emmy!



AUTUMN said...

AWWWWW Brig... you two are AMAZiNG! I'm so excited to be like you and Em when I get married! haha keep up with sharing your happiness and gratitude... it makes me inspired!

Jen said...

Oh Brig you guys are so cute.
I'm lovin that you figured out how to post a link to a photo. I'll have to teach you how that all works.

Emily- Thanks for taking such good care of my Little Brother:)

Love you guys!

Old Man Wise said...

Oh're so full of crap.

Britney Jean said...

awwww...Brig, that was probably the cutest post ever. what a sweet husband! :)

you guys are way too cute! i just love it!