Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You're a..... what?

Yes, that's right I am an exercise and wellness major. Not that this is a strange major, but I'm almost positive the thought "she's not even fit!" just popped into your head.

I'm working on it!

During FHE last night, Brig gave the lesson and I sat contently listening until I heard the words "we should get up at 5". Then I wasn't so content anymore. But then came the reasoning:
We can get our scriptures read and have that checked off the to-do list.
We can run.... hinting at my not being fit
We can say our prayers
We can have a good, healthy breakfast
We can make lunch so we don't starve at school

These made sense to me because mornings around here can be a little chaotic. And we don't even have kids yet!! So this morning, the alarm rang at 5.... and we hit the snooze button :)
But we got up at 5:40 and went for a little jog during which I felt like my heart was being squozen (is that a word? it is now!). I am NOT in shape. Oh the good old days when I used to be.
Anyway, we got home, showered, made waffles, and I sent Brig off to work while I got ready for school.

Let me tell you it felt so good!! And I'm not even tired today! I could get used to this early business.

Shout out to Jen for doing my hair! I looove it! I would post a picture but my face is not cute and the hair is air-dried... so not yet!

I love our life!



Britney Jean said...

yay! what a great way to start the day!


Jen said...

Yep, I would freak out at the 5:00am too. But I do love how it makes the day so much longer and you can accomplish sooo much more.
Way to go guys!