Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby update!

Here is a picture of my tummy at 26.5 weeks. I think I'm finally out of the awkward stage! Hooray! I get taken aback when people ask when the baby is due since it's now so noticeable! But I love it.

Kiddo is all up in my right ribs, is a big mover (especially when I sit or lay down) and I can tell he is gonna be awesome!

I had a Dr.'s appointment yesterday and he said everything's good. Next month we'll do glucose test and RhoGAM shot since I have a negative blood type.

3 more months!!! Woohoo!


erica[goodjobmomma] said...

yay! 3 months! you look great! when is your due date? early march right??

Jen said...

So exciting!!!!!
I hated it when people "That was fast" in referring to my length in time of being pregnant.

But i have to say, That was FAST!
I can't believe you are only 3 months away from being a Mommy:)