Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School's in!

Ah, another semester, another week of feeling like I'm a freshman all over again. Spending much too much on textbooks that I will never read. 5 classes of meticulously going through syllabi, even though they are ALL THE SAME!! I know you won't accept late assignments and that no excuse other than "I almost died" will excuse me from class. That is, with medical documentation :)

But here I am- in my 7th semester of college at ASU and I am feeling a little ambiguous about the whole thing. I am almost done (May) but for some reason, I feel just as far away as my first day at ASU. I love my major, but I don't like all the busy work, the assignments that are just filler for lack of better things to assign. I feel like, at this point in my college career, I should be spending my time on things that pertain directly to my major and that will be useful to me when I graduate. I guess that the problem of the Bachelor's Degree-it is not yet specific enough to really get me into all the work when half of it is unrelatable to my interests.

That might be the most boring paragraph I ever typed. I apologize. But why are you reading my blog if not to hear me vent right????

Don't answer that :)

Truly though, I am beyond grateful to be in school. And truth be told, I feel some pride in my education. Going to the high school I went to, it seemed like every single one of us was on the path to college after graduation. All my closest friends are in college now and most of the people I knew were going as well. But, I realize that not too many people, especially Mormon-married-girls, go to and actually finish college. And for that, I am very proud. I am on the path and I'm not stopping til I finish!

ASU has fulfilled its most important goal- at least according to me. It has taught me to love learning. I find great joy in learning and hope to continue for the rest of my life.

But it has also taught me that it is INDEED possible to use the F-word 10 times in a 20-word sentence. Unbelievable.

And disgusting.

So to all you collegers out there I say-"Press on!" And may the force be with you. Amen.


Jen said...

haha, may the force b with u!
Hang in there u r almost done :)

You r a rockstar!

DC Nicoll said...

I enjoyed my days in college too - and still enjoy learning. But now I'm too busy doing to learn as much as I'd like.
If you ever need a stress relief let me know - I crank up the ice cream maker.