Saturday, May 21, 2011

things that are making me happy!

This!! is what I am blogging on and it is sitting in my family room! I love it. I just sit and look at it and want to play with it. Mine mine mine! Before you think I am a spoiled little stinker :) I will tell you that I have been saving my money like a crazy woman to buy this guy. Mine and Brig's new best friend.

Nail Polish! I am a diagnosed chronic nail biter guys. But for the past two weeks I have been defying the odds and letting them grow! I paint those suckers so I don't bite them because who wants to bite such cuteness?

The temple! My friend Hannah is getting married in a couple weeks and we went with her as she went through the temple. What a wonderful thing that they can be together forever! And they have fake wedding pictures tonight! Those are the best :)

Making memories with my family. Hiking the Grand Canyon with my papa and sister was so much fun and we all just got to talk and laugh together. What a wonderful family I have!

My awesome life! Seriously guys, I am feeling great about life today. Maybe it's the warm weather? I am a happy girl. Despite some downs, life is full of beautiful ups.

One time, I was talking to my dad about a co-worker of his who had lost his son. This man said to my dad-" happiness used to be my ocean and sadness were the little specks of land every here and there. Now, grief is my ocean, and happiness only comes once in a while."

Isn't that terribly sad? I would never wish anyone to have oceans of sadness in their life. How blessed I am to know that everything-all my hurt and yours- will be made right in the end. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He gives me oceans of happiness while allowing me to learn from the islands of grief.

Now, what makes you happy?!


Lori said...

What makes me happy? YOU!!!

Jen said...

I think a good day is contagious today :)