Monday, May 30, 2011

The Ranch!

A prequel: My SIL Jen gave me Ombre hair! See the highlights at the bottom of my hair? Not great pics but it's fun and easy and you don't have to worry about roots!!

Moving on, Brig's family has a sweet ranch up in Vernon, by Show Low. It's legit guys, like they brand and round up and castrate and all sorts of fun things! I am still learning the ways of the ranch, but I love to go and be in nature. It is split into two spaces, the Lower ranch and the Upper ranch. The lower ranch is where the pastures are and where all the ranch work happens. The Upper ranch is on the mountain and is full of pines and meadows and is so beautiful!
Here's my baby (the big one) and nephew Mack! Brig was chewing on a piece of straw and Mack decided he wanted to as well :) Such cuteness
Ha! This face :) He got filthy! And had an awesome dirt line from his hat. A real rancher!
And the dirty man trying to kiss me or wipe his dirt on me. This was just before shower time and those showers might be the grossest things ever but I have never felt so clean in my whole life! The irony...


Jen said...

Love how dirty Brig got. Hilarious!

Laraine Eddington said...

Vernon is such a beautiful place. I love it that you get to experience ranch life.