Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Body

I just went for a walk/run. I vowed to myself I would never be a "walker" but in light of recent happenings, alas I have become one. Just for a little while though :)

In August, I broke my foot. In October, I hurt my hip. And then in December, I hurt my foot again! So it's been the laziest few months (in regards to exercise) that I've had in a very long time.

So today, I decided it was over! But the reason I hurt my hip in October was because I got my boot off and tried to run 3 miles as fast as I could. Not smart! My little hip didn't know what had hit it, so it got grumpy at me.

This time, I walked a mile and ran a mile and a little bit. I felt so good! Maybe it's because the weather was so beautiful, but I actually listened to my body. When it was tired of running, I stopped. And I actually made it farther than I thought it would :)

Every time I run, I get the same feeling. Happy. Just happy and content. But then, if I don't exercise for a while, I forget that feeling and it is just so easy to be lazy that, eventually, I end up at square 1 again. Trying to get myself off my lazy booty and get out there because I know that happy girl inside me is gonna poke her head out as soon as I get going.

That is why I love my major. I love sharing the joy and peace that taking care of your body can bring. I'm not just talking about exercise but also eating right, getting enough sleep, and listening to your body. really listen to it. It will tell you what it needs. I think I've finally learned my lesson that it is NOT worth it to ignore your body. You'll just pay for it later :)

Ok, enough of my soapbox. In other, WAY more exciting news, I got my first sewing machine!!! Can I tell you how excited I am? Ok! I am SO SO SO excited! It may seem like a weird thing to be this excited about but you just wait til I'm whipping awesome stuff out :)

Don't hold your breath... you may be waiting a while :)


ericaj said...

yay for getting to run again!
and don't worry i was super excited when i got my first sewing machine last year for my birthday. its all i could talk about for weeks!

Collin&Tatum said...

Can i just tell you, I think you are a really neat person! Let's run into each other at the temple sometime soon!

ChristineMarie said...

You are so lovely, Emily. In every sense of that word. I just love you

Jen said...

I just need to sit down and practice my sewing skills too.

I am a walker & proud of it!
Well, not really, but running with a stroller carrying 2 kids and a dog on a leash is a bit much to run with :)

p.s. you need to post more often :) We miss ya on here!

Cami said...

You are so right about how important it is to listen to your body. thanks for sharing, hope all is well for you, your hip and your foot! Love you