Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is my beautiful friend Tara. She just got engaged last night to Zach Brough!! I love them both and am seriously SO excited for them! I love all this wedding stuff :)

Tara, I love you forever and am so excited for you to be married forever! You got a good one :) and so did he! You are wonderful!!


Sister Porter said...

Hey Em - Sis. P here :) 1st your title picture is so adorable are you kidding!!! love it! 2nd - yea for Tara :) you'll have to help us do all the fun planning stuff! They LOVED visiting with you and Brig - and Tara said "Zach feels much better now" (Not sure why he wasn't?) :) but they loved talking to you guys and could not be happier!!! love you both!

AUTUMN said...

AHHHHHHHHH YAY for Tara and Zach! WOOOHOOOOO! So cute!

Tara Porter said...

How did you blog about this before me? haha love it. And I love you!! hopefully I'll see you before I leave. And yeah thanks for all the advice and encouragement you and Brig gave us. You guys rock!