Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday Fun!!

Yesterday, I turned 20!!! Yes! No more weird looks from people when I tell them I'm 19 and have been married over a year!! Wahoo :) No, but really, it was a fabulous day, aside from the fact that the hubby was sick. But he toughed it out :)

In the morning, we went to Cracker's.... yummy! I got a parfait ( I know it sounds wussy but seriously they are huge and so so good) and Brig got the cinnamon french toast and I won't hesitate to admit that I stole some from him... ok like half.

Then, we came home and opened presents!!

This is me as a ghost. A happy ghost opening her presents.

Here's my haul! Not bad, eh? For those of you with bad eyesight, I will name them one by one... this is also for my own pleasure :)

From Brig I got: sweatband, best crossword book yet- not Sunday New York Times style but not Kindergarten either- Love it!, 5 lb. weights, 10 lb weights, resistance band, jump rope, workout shirts. This may seem like a haul full of hints to you, but to me, it's my new fitness collection! Yeehaw!

From mom and papa: That yummy necklace you see on the white shirt. I will most definitely get a closer picture of it so you can actually see how darn cute it is! My mama's got style!

From Atley (the sister): halfsies on the two shirts which I adore :)

And, last but not least, my own present to me! I have 2 pairs of super cute jeans but they literally fall off me.. like I don't even have to unbutton and unzip to take them off, TMI right? SO, i got myself a new pair! When I have a hubby who is better (and awake), I will have him take a better picture so you can see the glory (I know you probably don't even care about seeing the glory, but I want to see it on my Blog!!)
There's the very top of them, don't they look cute already?!

Alright, enough about presents. The real joy of the day was getting to be with people I love! On birthday eve, Jen and Laurie (SIL and MIL) took me to Tia Rosa's. Good food, good conversation, and best SIL and MIL ever! We missed SIL #2 Cami. We love you!!

Then, I got to spend the day with Brig, Atley, and my fam at night for ice cream cake (aka best invention ever!)

I love my life. I truly am so grateful for the amazing blessings I have been given, which usually come in the form of people. I count all of you as blessings and I LOVE YOU!

Have a happy day!


Britney Jean said...

yay! that sounds like such a fun day! :)

glad you enjoyed deserve it!

p.s. -- totally know what you mean about the 19 and married weird looks. Try the 19 and prego weird looks. Turning 20 does wonders for those looks...though they still sorta remain there... :) Oh well. Best decisions I ever made!!

Jen said...

I'm so glad it was such a great birthday. & seriously i still can't believe you brought me your birthday ice cream. You will be proud of me cause I haven't eaten it.
I'll save it for Scott & Katelyn:)

The Jenkins said...

oh yes happy happy birthday to you! i knew there was someone else i knew that had their birthday on the 17th!! alright your out of your teens! woot woot!