Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was feeling very Jane Austen-y this morning as I walked to my 7:30 AM class. I could see my breath and feel the cold. That exact type of cold brought back memories of times I had experienced it before. I remember living in London and going to watch my brother Ben play rugby while my mom and I ate sour patch kids-- in that exact cold. I remember being in elementary school and going on "huge" adventures out accross the hills at my school-- in that exact cold. When I felt it this morning, I just wanted to throw out my arms, like Maryann in Sense and Sensibility, and embrace that cold and those wonderful memories of being young and free. But that would have looked goofy, so I just smiled in my heart and remembered.
Have you ever been brought back to your childhood through something like that?


Jen said...

What fun memories!
I love this weather:)

See ya tonight! I think Cami is coming around 5:00 and my Mom around 5:30 or 6:00. You can come whenever you like :)

Britney Jean said...

i love moments like that.