Saturday, February 27, 2010

Run like the Wind!

Hello! Here is our report from the Ragnar!
This is Brig leaving on his second leg. This one was about 6 and a half miles and he rocked it. He was injured and was unable to complete all three legs so he did his first two and did so well! I am so proud of him!! That is him in the blue shorts and vest taking off.

This is us just after my first leg. It was 5.5 miles and was the easiest one of my three! Pardon if I look a little tired... I was :)

Studly husband!!!! There is the sassy man himself. He twitterpates me!

And there I am finishing up my first leg. Pardon my tallness, I know I'm a giant. But the girl I handed off to was super teeny.
I feel bad that we didn't get any pics of us other than at these two legs. My first, was my easiest, my second was 7.5 miles and by far the hardest because it was all uphill :( and then my last one was super hard because I was on hardly any sleep and I was already SORE! But oh man did it feel good to cross that finish line and know that I had run my 16.5 miles and I WAS DONE!!! Actually, maybe I am glad that we don't have any pics of that because I am pretty sure I looked poopy.

I have to say thank you to my sweet husband for complimenting me on the blog :) even though none of it's true! He is so wonderful and I love him! If you're not married yet, try and get a guy like him!


CamiLee said...

Em you are HOT! Way to go! I'm so proud of you, you need to help me get back into running

Happy2Bme said...

That is SO AWESOME! I get chills just looking at it. No one truly knows how amazing it is unless you've done it. And how special was it to be able to do it together! Very, VERY cool! I'm grateful Kempe supports me in this crazy little obsession I have :)

Jen said...

You guys are awesome!!! Way to go on the run!
Thanks for coming over for dinner tonight:)

ChristineMarie said...

Emily, you are my hero. End of story.

Kristalyn said...

Good job on the run! It's a lucky day when I run into you. Hopefully it'll happen again soon!! :)