Monday, February 1, 2010


Ahhhh it's nice getting comments. Thanks for the love people :)

So, yesterday, Sunday, was a day of rest for everything other than my poor stomach :( This is what the schedule looked like:
8:30 AM- yummy homemade Clif bars (will post about later because more experimenting is needed.. but they are good let me tell you!)
12:00 PM- linner (lunch+dinner=linner) was BBQ beef sandwiches for 8(including missionaries, investigator, other couple etc.... I don't count Brig and I as 8 people, although sometimes I wish I could)! Lots of meat to shred but totally worth it! And I saved half a roast for us :) ya! and salad, and scotcharoos, and chips. So lots of yumminess!
3:00- Jeremy Ashcroft had his farewell and invited us over for Mexican food.. and who says no to Mexican food? Certainly not us

then the rest of the day was snacky time. mmmmmm happy day :) But I think I should do that only once a week or less :)

Hope you had a wonderul SUNday!!!

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Jen said...

Now did you run this morning? Ha Ha! I don't blame you, who can so "No" to food :)