Saturday, January 30, 2010


Alright here we go! I don't know if any of you really care, but I'm sorry for not blogging for a while. But here is what has been going down today!
We garaged saled it up this morning and found some sweet stuff (I know.. there is this recurring theme in our saturday mornings. That's what happens when you are newly married and are living on a budget :)
We got, among other things, a cd rack for all our cd's that have eaten the dvd drawer alive. Well, we went through them and found a ton (at least 48) that we already had on the compy so we tossed them. And I mean, literally, we tossed them!!

Briggers beat me though, those things fly so unpredictably! Definitely gotta try it some time, when you're really really bored :)
You may remember the old white friend we bought a couple weeks ago? Well here she is!! The finished product. Sorry about the sun spots, the blinds were open, I promise the paint job really isn't that gross! hah but we L-O-V-E it! Lots more room for all our clothes (sarcasm) but yes it is more spacious!
here is the fabulous Mr. Nicoll sanding like a fiend.
And there's the wife... who put a picture of her up anyway???

P.S. I see all these blogs with like 35 comments on the posts and makes me wonder where ya'll are! I would like to think that more than 2 people read my blog. But maybe I'm living a lie???


Dark Family said...

I read it and I LOVE YOU! we need to double... helllllooo???? :D

Heidi Richardson said...

I'm commenting just so you have another comment :) Love you!!!

Happy2Bme said...

I stalk, I mean, read your blog too! I was going to comment anyway on your awesome cabinet you remodeled. I LOVE it! I wish I could find something so sweet at a yard sale!

Jen said...

Love how it turned out. & you look dead sexy in those goggles :)

CamiLee said...

the project looks so good! I need to go garage sale searching... If you got any hints let me know.

Mike and Katie said...

I'm amazed. I have never had a happy score at a garage sale. Maybe I need to look harder. I think your dresser turned out awesome, good job :)

Old Man Wise said...

It's wonderful to see the two of you finally getting along. Even well enough to complete a project together. It's really great!

Jennifer Ann said...

Em. You must share all your budgeting secrets...Tyler and I are not doing so great in that department just yet! I love you lady and always love to read your blog. xoxo -Jen