Monday, December 7, 2009

For the love of....

BRIGHAM!!! Here is a post of 23 things I love about the Briggles. I am using the number 23 because that's how old he is... not that it is his birthday or anything I just wanted to do a post about him and 23 things came to mind! So, here we go:
1. He takes out stinky garbage when all I can do is sit there and plug my nose and whine until he gets the hint and takes it out :)
2. He lets me win at Checkers, even though I am unbelievably horrible at it. He still finds a way to let me win! I'm pretty sure that's really hard to do!
3. He sometimes steals the blog and writes things about me that make my day!
4. His freckles :)
5. He loves the food I cook, even though I'm pretty sure some of it is nuclear waste or something. Thanks for smiling your way through it babe :)
6. We can have really deep talks and the next minute we're goofing off!
7. The squirrel voice. For whoever has heard it, you know what I mean! Funniest thing ever!!!
8. He LOVES Christmas just as much as I do! And that is A LOT!! And it makes me so happy
9. He is a smarty pants. Like really the kid can study like nobody's business and retain it! I wish I could do that...
10. He loves he gospel and I love that he loves the gospel.
11. He still talks about his mission and how much he loved it! I love mission stories
12. He is a hard worker. He is quite the handy man. Also, when we were in TX this summer, it was really hard work but I hardly ever heard him complain. I would just sit and think "there is no way I could ever do that."
13. He loves Lord of the Rings just as much as I do! That pretty much sealed the deal :)
14. He loves Harry Potter just as much as I do! That pretty much double sealed the deal!
15. We can read Shakespeare plays together, accents and all, and not even laugh at each other!... much
16. He loves his family and is so stinkin good with rowdy boys, which the Nicoll family has aplenty!
17. He is tender! Don't worry babe I won't tell them how you cried in "Up" when the grandma dies... oh wait
18. We have dance parties... that's right!
19. He married me in the temple which I looooooove!!!!
20. He sometimes leaves me sweet notes on my pillow or on the bulletin board in the office. Those are the best
21. He stuck with me through all my moodiness and breaking up with him! And I'm so happy he did!
22. He does yoga with me... and then rubs my back when I stretch a little too far :)
23. He is my best friend in the whole world!!!!
I love you Brig!!!!


Britney Jean said...

yay for amazing hubbies!!!


CamiLee said...

So i have to say you bring out sides of brig that I never knew. Shakespear, yoga, dance parties... you make you well rounded. have a happy day! I forgot the question book, so I will be by soon and get it and return your dress