Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love my hubby hey hey hey hey hey

I love Brig!! I wanted you all to know! Haha I am sitting here on my bed and I was looking at him and talking to him and I felt like writing about him!
Brigham is the kindest person I know. He has a sense of knowing what people need and how to make things better and how to communicate with others. And I need that in a companion because sometimes I'm not good at expressing my needs. But when you have a hubby that can practically read your mind?!?! That's awesome!!
He also makes me laugh sooooo much! I love that about him. His sense of humor fits mine perfectly and we have so much fun together! He is my best friend!!
So here's a short sweet post about my hubby!
I love you my best friend!!!


Jen said...

That's my Bro. :)

Emily Sue said...

emily!! i love you so much! and your blog is freakin cute!! i'm going to add you to my friend list i love and miss you tons.

Britney Jean said...

that was such a sweet post. i loved it.

and EMILY...since when do you have a blog? helllooooo.

i love and miss you girl.


Kacie said...

Oh Emily! This is amazing! you are such a good example- what a cute record you'll have of your feelings at this time of being newly weds! :) Congrats on making and embarking on a spectacular life! :)