Monday, November 14, 2011

Searching for Me

A few weeks ago, I read a post on a blog that really got me thinking. It was about a haircut and it was about feeling like yourself.

Lately, I have been feeling like the "me" I think I am is way down deep in there somewhere and my body is being inhabited by someone not so much like "me". Do you ever feel like that? That you just want to do something crazy just to feel like yourself again. Miggy went into the bathroom late one night and chopped off her hair. Since I am in a pact with myself to avoid cutting my hair at all costs, that's not an option. But, I am trying to think of something else I can do. Something that will make me feel like myself again. Some spontaneous act that will jolt me back to "me".

Truth be told, I have thought of some ideas. These include dropping everything and running away to Disneyland for a few days, laying in bed and not going to school or work for a whole week, and plastic surgery! (just kidding on that last one)

But none of these will do. From experience I know that ducking out of real life for a while only makes me more anxious and stressed and that's not "me". So, any ideas for some constructive soul-searching? Something that won't set me back but rather throw me forward? Thoughts would be much appreciated.


Jen said...

go to the Temple :)

Melissa K said...

I'm sure you've already done this, but drop to your knees and express deep gratitude to our Heavenly Father for WHO YOU ARE and what He has made you! :) you'll be surprised how good it feels to see yourself as He does!

onehm said...

I know how you feel, I've been feeling the same way. I'm not sure what has changed for me, although something has...
One thing that I have been working on is simplifying and I know that is making a difference.

LOVE YOU so much and I hope that things are able to calm down for you a bit.

(Maybe turn on some Christmas music. Must be happy when listening to those tunes, right? HA!)

The Milliron Family said...

Get a tatoo ; ) Emily I know ALL too well about not feeling like yourself. To be honest, I lost myself when I lost my little girl. I still haven't found that person I used to be, but I realized I probably never will. But I am okay with that because now I am stronger. A couple bumps and bruises on the road of life have made me better. You've had some bumps and bruises too. One day you'll look back and realize those things are what make you YOU and YOU are amazing and beautiful : )

Come hang out with me for like two seconds - I'll help you find YOU : )

Leslie McKenna said...

watch pride and prejudice (colin firth style) doodle in a notebook and go take pictures of beautiful things. :) I love you!