Sunday, March 13, 2011

New post!!

Alright! New post new post! Yesterday was our 2-year wedding anniversary! it has been the BEST TWO YEARS EVER!!! We went up to the cabin in Strawberry on Friday night and Brig had been so sneaky and marinated some delish chicken!! We got up there and feasted on grilled teriyaki chicken and twice-baked potatoes! He is the best :) We had some crazy competitive Wii tennis and bowling, watched Ice Age (one of the greatest things on Earth) and went to sleepy. Then! We woke up, cleaned up, packed up, and went to Tonto Natural Bridge!! Guys, seriously so beautiful! I'll prove it..

Here is my love freezing after sneaking behind the waterfall! The things we do to get a picture :)

I was freezing too but I'm better at hiding it :)
Here we are under the Bridge! Did you know it is the biggest natural bridge in the whole world?!
The bridge is behind us in this one.
Out of order, but this is right after we came out from behind the waterfall. I got kinda wet :)
Happy anniversary babe!! I love to kiss and smoosh your face!


Cami said...

What a fun place! I want to go see too....we may have to plan a trip soon :) We love sharing an anniversary with you...and to be wed right by spring break, I think we were smart!

The Milliron Family said...

How fun ! I've been to the Natural Bridge once before. It is very cool. You guys are too cute !

Birtcher said...

Awwwwww... tender! I love the natural bridge! So beautiful. Congrats on the anniversary! You guys are so stinkin cute together! -Kacie

Jen said...

Wow gorgeous spot!
Yep we will totally need to check that out :)

Happy Anniversary!

Jacquie said...

So sweet!! You're so cute :)