Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh the things he says..

Brig was on a roll tonight. First, we were walking out of the grocery store with bags in hand and Brig gets serious. "I can't find my keys" he says. Oh crud. "Well," I say "did we leave them in the car?" So I start walking over to the car and... I hear the car running!! He had left the car running the whole time we were in the store! Ha Oh he is so funny.

And THEN! We are in the car driving home behind a truck with a license plate from Saskatchewan and I note that it is a long way from home. Brig says "Where is that? New Mexico?" Pah! I almost died, and then almost died again after looking at his face and seeing he was dead serious! It's even funnier because he is a super smarty, I guess Saskatchewan just never got covered (It's in Canada). Oh I love him :)

ALSO: Tonight, I ate my first entire banana. I know, but the texture just kinda grosses me out and I could only ever take like 2 bites before the gag reflex started kicking in. But tonight was the night! I am so proud

Have you seen Emma Watson's (Hermione Granger) new haircut?? Love it? Hate it?
On a more serious note, Happy Veteran's Day! I am so grateful for those people who sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms. They have a sense of pride in country I wish we all had. Ben was a Marine and I am grateful for his service. Yay America!


Laraine Eddington said...

You married the kind of man that's going to entertain you your whole life long...lucky you! A whole banana huh? You are almost ready for a bowl of Thanksgiving fruit salad.

The Dark Family said...

Holy Moly... I seriously just peed my pants a little! I was laughing SOOOO hard! I couldn't even read it to Scott because I was laughing so hard! He is amazing! WE SERiOUSLY need to hang out. Scott needs to see how funny you two are!

Jen said...

Brig! you left the car running?!?!?!?- wow, ha ha! I'm glad it was still there when you came back out:)

You guys crack me up!

Clint and Tiffany said...

Wanna hear a funny story? On one of my first couponing shopping trips, I was feeling so cool and confident that I had saved X amount... only to return to my car and find that I had left it running! LOL Glad I'm not the only one! :O) I'm on the fence for Emma Watson's haircut. Some pictures it looks cute, some it looks not so much. Miss you girly!!