Friday, November 5, 2010

new news!

Heyyy! Have you ever been to Oh my cutest commercials ever! And they have a grea quote secton. I love it! I love quotes so much so I am going to share daily quote on my blog. Enjoy and be happy!

Quote of the Day: "Danielson, never keep the ladies waiting."- Mr. Miyagi

Oh he is so wise :) Does anyone LOVE the way he says "Danielson"??

I went to the cemetary yesterday... sat with Ben and Ethan for a while and just talked to them. It's nice to talk to them :) I miss those fellas. Can't wait to be with them again! Oh boy

In other news, we have our LYF activity tomorrow!! Yeehaw! It's our talent show and we are stizzoked! Come, come Danielson! haha I just love saying that in my head. If you haven't seen him, youtube it up!

I read a post written by a beautiful girl who is fashionable and hilarious and kind. But she was saying how much she doesn't like herself and how bad she hurts inside. It makes me sad to think af all the beautiful girls (and boys maybe) who don't like themselves. It made me think how I feel about myself. And I realized I really want to get more in touch with myself. Not my body, but my spirit and what I really want and who I really am. It feels good to be in touch. And I have a BEAUTIFUL lady in my life who I want to shout out to! I won't say names but J.M.R.- you are so BEAUTIFUL and I want you to know that! It makes me sad when you don't think so. You are wonderful. Just know that to one girl, you are the most beautiful person ever!

loves everyone! Have an amazing weekend!!!



Jen said...

I know that J.M.R. loves you too ;)
Can't wait for tomorrow night too. Yay LYF!
oh, & i'm bringing chocolate drizzled popcorn to it. YUMMY!

Brigham said...

Oh Emilyson! I love you!