Saturday, April 10, 2010

Robin Hood Date and Mountain Biking!

Brig emailed me on Monday or Tuesday and asked me if I would go on a date with him on Friday night (Since we don't talk to each other... Just kidding!) Of course, I emailed back adn said yes! So first, he runs into me like this!
Robin Hood! We went out back and shot the bow and arrow just like the real thing! We only got to shoot it a couple of times though before the arrow broke :( But it was so fun!
Then, I think this was my fav. part: We robbed the rich (Sprinkles in Scottsdale) to feed the poor (us). Except we didn't really rob, we paid fr them. And, OMG! I never say that but these cupcakes deserve an OMG! They are so flippin good. (They better be for what they cost) I got red velvet and Brig got lemon coconut. Heaven!!

When we got home, Brig had trees set up in our bedroom just like Sherwood Forest! We danced to the song they sing in there... Love, it seems like only yesterday... ya that one. It was fun! I think we just giggled the whole time at how nerdy we are!

Ok, change gears now. This morning, Brig and me and Scott (BIL) went mountain biking at Papago park. That place is the bomb. I love it!
There's me looking goofy
And the boys! If you look close you can see Scott's battle wound on his elbow. Love it!

Jen and Cami and Ammon, next time you have to come with us! It is F-U-N!


Jen said...

Oh, Brig you are too cute!

I totally want to come next time!!!!
Scott is so sore right now from his fall.

Laraine Eddington said...

What a imaginative husband you have. I loved reading this.

The Jenkins said...

That is such a great date idea! you guys are so fun! yummmm...those cupcakes do sound good!

The Jenkins said...

ps. i hope you don't mind i'm adding your page to mine so my blog stalking can be official. :)