Sunday, February 7, 2010

Club 'n Stuff

This past Friday we had our LYF activity! Big thanks to Brig's parents for letting us have it at their house :) And also thank you to Joseph, Brittany, Sarah, Jen, Cami, and anyone else who brought stuff to help out!!

There was a wild game of croquet going on outside and Cade won! Everyone did so well!

Inside, the Wii was going and people were showing their skills with bowling :) Seriously impressive

Dinner was hot dogs, yummy apple salad by Jen, chips and dessert was sugar cookies! Everyone got to frost and sprinklify their own and it didn't turn out too messy! which is a miracle :)

On a different note, here is a picture of the homemade Clif bars we've been making. They have choc. chips even though you can't really see them. They are really yummy and money-saving too! Double score! So, here is a link to the recipe, but I will tell you what I do differently.
OK, first of all make sure you do not go over on the amount of dry stuff, because it will be too dry. SO go easy on that.
Second, I use honey, not brown rice syrup. If you have brown rice syrup, then go for that but I don't.
Put a little bit more nut butter, just to make it a bit more moist. The first time we did it, it came out a little dry.
Also, do NOT put it in the fridge right away. The texture is way better if you just leave them out for a while or the entire time.

Bon appetit!

Also, ten points to my fabulous cousin Shawnda for getting the movie quote right. It was Heavyweights!!! You are a woman after my own heart :)

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Jen said...

Hey just a thought.
What if we had an activity where the parents were also invited? That way we can show the parents what we do and see if they want to become more involved.