Monday, February 15, 2010

Back in the Saddle again

First off, we are going to be running the Del Sol Ragnar on Feb. 26 and 27! My legs are 5.3 miles, 7.1 miles, and 3.4 miles. Brig's are a 7, 8, and 3 miles! We are stoked and kinda nervous!

Secondly, I have forgotten about my commitment to write about someone else once a week! So this week's post and subsequent posts will be from my "followers" list!

Autumn Dark!! If you want to hear about an amazing person, keep on reading. She has been a friend since Jr. High days at Poston and all through High School. She was always so sweet and kind. She was not a member of the church which was so weird because she totally acted like one! Anyway, she made the decision to be baptized against the will of some of her family and has been an incredible example. She has been through some really tough times, but she has allowed the gospel to pull her through and she has been made stronger because of it. After graduation, she moved to Montana where some of her family were and met Scott Dark, with whom she fell in love! They got married on Jan. 2nd in the Mesa, AZ temple and we had the opportunity to be there with them. It was such a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for her!

She really is such an example to me of pushing through hard times by using the gospel and the hope that it brings. She has made the most important decisions of her life very wisely and I repsect her for that.

I love you Autumn!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Happy2Bme said...

I didn't know you guys were running the Del Sol Ragnar! That is SO awesome! I am so jealous! I ran the Utah ragnar (Wasatch Back) last year and I'm doing it again in June. But I want to run in some of the other ragnar relays. What runner #s are you? You are going to have SO much fun! I wanna hear all about it when we come down next month!

Jen said...

Why isn't there a skill for running in my blood?

Britney Jean said...

what a sweet tribute! love autumn! yay!

and good luck with the running! i could not do it...

Dark Family said...

Emily, you are truly a SWEETHEART! You already got my long message after me reading this via phone internet, so I'll save you from reading it again! Thanks so much for writing about me. You are too kind. Love ya!