Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is Emily's husband and I just wanted everyone to know how super awesome of a wife I have.
I will just give a few evidences.

1. She brought me home some yummy foods from the grocery store. Two words, APPLE DAPPLES! It's some good stuff!

It is even loaded with Iron, Zinc and calcium!

#2. She keeps me motivated to run. Emily and I are having a running contest to see who can get to 15 miles first. Well, she is ahead of me right now. This is a shot of the nike+ website where we track how far we run. She is at 12.87 and I am at 9.05. Little does she know I am gonna wake up at 5:00 am and run 6 miles before work and wipe the floor with her! The loser has to buy the other one ice cream!

#3 She is the sweetest person I have ever met! Today she went and got a gift card to get a pedicure for my sister Jen because she has a new born baby and her 2.5 year old to watch. Then we went over there and Emily held little baby Mack for a while. She's gonna be a good mama someday.

#4 She is my best friend in the whole world and always supports me in everything I do, and she is the most smartest girl I know and she is the most beautifulest girl I have ever seen!

Thanks for being my wife Emmy, I salute you!

Love, Brig


Jen said...

I agree with it all. Em is amazing!
i so appreciate you guys helping me out yesterday and for the gift Em! I am so excited to get some pampering done:)

CamiLee said...

brig gets the cutest hubby award for this week! Em I love you and you really are so special! brig Is so lucky to have you

Emily Sue said...

oh my gosh this is sooo presh!! i love emily as well so much!!