Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Cami and to Laurie! I'm late on Laurie's and early on Cami's so I figure it evens out right? Anyways, I think I have the best mother-in-law (Laurie) and SIL's (Cami and Jen) ever! Why?
1)They are super fun to be around!
2)I get to see Cami at school sometimes and its a happy day when that happens!
3)Jen does hair! Very well I might add :)
4)Mom (Laurie) is so sweet and just makes me laugh!

I love them and am so grateful for them! Happy birthday Mom and Cami!
Em And Brig


Jen said...

Oh I think they are the best too.
I hope Cami has an extra special day tomorrow:)

CamiLee said...

Thanks Em! I love you and am so very happy Brig found you!

Mike and Katie said...

Hey Em, I got your message on my blog about doing a Pampered Chef party. I would love to get one set up with you. They are totally easy and SUPER fun!! I don't have you cell number :( so you can either call me (480-421-8087) or send me a message on my blog or on facebook.

Look forward to talking with you soon!