Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Love, Your Friend"

On Saturday, the "Love, Your Friend" Club had its first activity. I want to tell you the story behind the name of the club:

A few months ago when Brig and I were trying to come up with names for this club, we were just writing word after word of concepts that we wanted to incorporate into the club. We had some really good words but couldn't figure out how to piece them together to make a name that made a statement. After a while of sitting there we started to get really creative (and by creative I mean goofy!) Anyway, we were talking about one of Brig's good friends in high school who has since passed away. her name was Ronnie. She was severely disabled (wheelchair, trach, the works) and absolutely fell in love with Brig. They became fast friends and she would write him letters all the time. Especially while Brig was on his mission. She passed away while Brig was in Argentina. Brig showed me some pictures of her and you can just feel the spirit even by just looking at a picture. She was a special girl. She touched Brig's life and has touched mine. While we were thinking about names I thought of the words "Love, Your Friend". We thought about it and didn't know if it would work. But the more we thought about it the more we liked it. Then, a few nights later we were going through some of Brig's letters from his mission and came accross some from Ronnie. She had drawn pictures and written love notes :) And at the end of the letter were the words "Love, Your Friend". I couldn't believe it! She had actually written those same words and we didn't even know it! It was such a sweet experience that I will never forget. So there's the name of club!

It is a club for special needs kids and those without special needs alike. We exist to make friends, serve others, and have tons of fun!! We are so grateful for all the help we had on Sat. night! This has been a dream of Brig's for a long time and I'm so happy to see it come true!

Next month we weill be having another activity, so come and see what we're all about!!



Britney Jean said...

can i just tell you that you are amazing?

seriously. you are.

and i LOVE the name.


Jen said...

We had such a great time!
Can't wait till next month. Thanks for sharing how you guys came up w/ the name:)

Abram and Ashley said...

Hey Emily! I'm glad you started a blog. Now you can see mine too!

April said...

Just tell us when and where the next one is! Love you both :)

Emily Sue said...

you are so great wow. and that just seriously made me want to be better. i love you so so so so much!