Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nicoll Reunion!

This last weekend was the Nicoll reunion at the ranch near Vernon, AZ! It was wonderful! Here are some of the highlights that I loved:
1- on the way up, it was just me, Brig, mama Nicoll, and papa Nicoll in the car and mama and papa gave me a geneology lesson from about 5 generations back! I love family history and loved learning about this new family of mine.
2- going through a session at the Snowflake temple. Beautiful!
3-taking a tour of the lower ranch... I was in heaven! I could stay there forever. Every time I go up north I realize how much I just love nature and how peaceful I feel when I'm there.
4- getting up to the upper ranch and seeing the fam for the first time in a few months! It was great to see everyone! Brig was most excited to see baby Katelyn who is not so much of a baby anymore! Getting so big!
5-walking to the pond and skipping rocks with Landon, Brig, Sim, and Jake... before we knew it was against the rules!! Sad day!
6- setting up camp and sleeping in the tent.. which was lopsided. I kept sliding into Brig!!! Uncomfortable but so fun!
7- Dessert! best thing ever :)
8- going on the horsey with little Rex. He was so wide-eyed! I love it!
9-throwing the frisbee around woth Kempe, Brig, Andrew, and Conrad!
10- sitting by the fire at night and just talking!
11- going to church in Vernon. Hearing lots of testimonies from little kids... so sweet :)
12- seeing my family at home for a few hours!! Ya!
13- missing our flight... oh man ahah

All in all it was a wonderful trip! I love the Nicolls!! Thanks for getting us up there!

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Jen said...

No Way?!?!? You missed your flight?
We are so glad that you guys were able to come down to play :)